Monday, February 1, 2010

The timing couldn't have been any worse

This is 4 weeks late being posted....dooohhh....but better late than never...and I can laugh about it now :D

Monday 1st Feb - OK...I'm due to fly to Australia tomorrow. Normally planes journeys scare the UC back to life, but I've been blood free now for a couple of months...thanks to the what stupid thing do I go and do on Saturday? I go skiing and I get hurt!

I ran into a tow lift..or rather, it appears that the stupid woman using the tow lift throw her 'button' lift at me! I was knocked out for 30 secs or so and when I came too there was a heap of bright red stuff in the snow...shit it's blood and there was loads of it!!! Thankfully although I was severly hurt and shaken up, somehow all my teeth were intact and I hadn't broken anything! But my flight back to Oz is with one really black little black eye and a very bruised jaw line....ah....what a pretty picture to travel I posted pictures of my new look of facebook just so everyone know what to expect when I arrived.

and back to now .....

Oh well black eye and bruising lasted for 2 weeks, but lesson learnt..stay away from button lifts at the exit.

On the UC front, things are mainly ok, except that my last blood test results showed low iron cortisone levels and there is a touch of bleeding as I reduce the steriods. But all in all, I feel ok and I have all my "extra" meds from Oz back with me in France now. I'm back to see my Doc in 2 weeks, so we'll see how were doing then. I'm hoping the few blood traces are something that my maintenace drug (salazopyrin) will sort out soon.