Friday, July 8, 2011

A day off work and hitting hippy country :D

Hi all - I'm back to reality with a bump, but life is good in Brisbane. Got a job fairly quickly (too quickly for my liking really!!!) and normality reigns again.

Winter here is brilliant with average day time temps of 20C. For most 'Brits' here it's the best time of the year. Lovely clear blue skies and dry.

So today we took a drive to Byron Beach as I have 2 days off work and the kids are on holiday. Saw no whales heading north to the warmer waters, but great day out. Played p├ętanque (french boules) on the beach and took a trip up to the light-house.

Byron Beach is the most easterly point of Australia. The longboarders arrived there in the 1960s. This was the beginning of Byron Bay as a tourist destination, and by 1973, when the Aquarius Festival was held in Nimbin, its reputation as a hippy, happy, alternative town was established. It still has some of that charm, but as with everything, the 'rich' folks have also discovered it and things have moved on from being laid back to a more commercial. Still a nice place to visit though.

UC wise I'm now on Imuran. Yep there's side effects and it can take 3-6 months to fully work. I'm 2 months in and seeing some improvement, but we'll wait and see if remission is achieved once the preds are stopped for good in a few week. Tried to get off them 2 weeks back and ended up in a bit of trouble so I restarted them and I'm not down to 10mg a day.

I'll post again within the next 2 months as by then I should know if this latest drug is working. Fingers crossed again.