Monday, November 14, 2011

On the edge

You know when your on the precipice ...and you really don't want to fall over it...well that's me and my UC on my 6 months anniversary of using Imuran.  I was actually hoping I would be symptom free by now, but maybe that just me asking for the world again.

So here's the state of affairs after 6 months on Imuran
  • Months 1 to3 - slowly the tables started to take affect and I was able to get off the pred after 2 long years being on it and loosing half my hair
  • Months 4 and 5 - looked like things were on the symptoms
  • Month 6 - Some bleeding, occasional urgency - bugger...was hoping that all had gone
The good news is that it's not gotten any worse as I would have expected by now, so I'm hoping the meds are sort-off holding it in check and it's my current stress levels and lack of sleep causing me to slightly digress.

So what to do now...we'll I'm going to do a version of the SCD diet again to see if 2 things will happen.  The first being a get rid of the blood and the second is to loose some weight.  Now that I've been better gut wise, that means weight gain and with Christmas and summer just around the corner, I need to loose some weight within the next 6 weeks or I'm going to be disappointed with my self and my lack of discipline chocolate and chip wise!

I've got an appointment with my GI on Wednesday and I'm really hoping she'll not bring up the dreaded colonoscopy just yet...but I know it's coming's only a matter of time now.  I know I shouldn't put it off and yes, she really does need to have a look there soon...but please just don't ask me to do it just yet as I've already decided I can't say no and offer up a lame excuse.

Hope you guys are all hanging in there and life isn't too bad.  If we can't beat the bugger, let's not let it pull us down!