Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time flies by

I can't believe it is nearly the end of November already...time is just flying by..but then again the older you get the quick goes...then again do I really want to be 18 or 21 again and have to go through all those exam times and then being the lowest of the low in the work force...I guess not as the only things that kept me going then were parties, clubbing and the beer :D

I've just started the steroids again to get this flare-up under control as 5 months was just way too long for it to be dragging on. I definitely did get some relief with the relaxation techniques, but the stress of living here and all that travel was causing a negative effect on the good I was trying to do. A little help this time won't kill me and at least I now know I have another route I can take when I get back home in 2011.

I'm 7 days into the meds now and I can feel everything starting to (hopefully) settle down. I had one little tiny accident yesterday..but hoo hum...such is life...I dealt with it and I won't get caught short again. I should have recognised the pain as it really did give me a got 15 mins notice, but thank goodness we're a bit more solid these days...that's all I can say :D

So next, we'll wait and see how this affects me mentally. I know what to look out for now and I'm prepared to not let it get on top of me. I'm figuring 10-11 weeks tops on the meds and by that stage I'll be back home to get the other meds I need that will hopefully prevent this full type of flare up again. France isn't too hot on meds from what I can see...they are very limited. It's yet again another live and learn thing...I'll make sure I'm well stock up for next year.

We're off to Paris next week...I can't wait...I've never been there ...sounds kind of silly since we lived in England for 9 years, but when something is on your doorstop you just don't bother to see it. Anyway hopefully I'll be out and about and the kids are bursting to see Disneyland Paris. I hoping for clear blues skies for our 4 days there, but the weather has been a bit wet in the north of France, but at least not as bad as Wales and England have endured of the past few days.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Baked Beans again

Yep, I know I shouldn't have done it again, but I can't resist those little suckers....baked beans...yummmy..reminds me of being a kid. This time though I didn't mix it with sausages..instead I had a can of coke! Stupid stupid me....can you guess how many times I went to the bathroom...well...more that I could be bothered counting! All that gas was going to have to get out someway!!! oh and have a mentioned that I love brussel sprouts..a big no no also for UC'ers

The only good thing was that I lost 2 kgs over night...was wondering how to shift it without the hassles of going to a gym...so really in a way baked beans were good. See how I turned a negative into a positive :D

OK..no more baked beans for another month or so....and only a sip of coke on a Friday night as a treat...jez , what am I reduced to :D