Friday, November 6, 2009

Baked Beans again

Yep, I know I shouldn't have done it again, but I can't resist those little suckers....baked beans...yummmy..reminds me of being a kid. This time though I didn't mix it with sausages..instead I had a can of coke! Stupid stupid me....can you guess how many times I went to the bathroom...well...more that I could be bothered counting! All that gas was going to have to get out someway!!! oh and have a mentioned that I love brussel sprouts..a big no no also for UC'ers

The only good thing was that I lost 2 kgs over night...was wondering how to shift it without the hassles of going to a really in a way baked beans were good. See how I turned a negative into a positive :D more baked beans for another month or so....and only a sip of coke on a Friday night as a treat...jez , what am I reduced to :D


  1. Way to go with the positive thinking! That's the spirit! I read another blog today about prunes and now baked beans... what naughty foods there are!

  2. lol, oh yes, I think we all have our temptation foods! Darn those prunes...

  3. Life would be easier if we always just craved rice and chicken broth! Sometimes we have to enjoy a treat. Last week I ate Cheesies. I couldn`t help myself. Felt sick after. And I am cured of that craving for at least a year!