Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I decided that when I started writing this blog, that I'd have to be honest with everything I matter what...

I'm seriously thinking about re-starting to steroids even though I know the relaxation and de-stressing controls are easing my UC.

But with so much coming up and the thoughts of having to do a 30 hr flight back to Oz in Feb, I can't risk still having this damn flare-up.

I'm sorry to be so gross here, but I'm sure you have all had a little look down the loo to see what came out, but I know my colon is still seriously inflamed and from what I can tell, when there is a semi normal bowel movement, well, the poo is only about 1/2 the circumference it should be!

Now this flare-up has been going since last June and although I've come along way since the end of August, I seriously think it's time to knock this on the head with a bit of help from the steroids.

I'm slightly pissed off with myself for even considering this, but I need to get myself into remission now. I go back to see the French doc on 17th Nov and that is when I make my decision. But basically, if I'm still passing blood on that date, then it's time to accept that steroids are needed. To be honest the doc has been pushing me to go back on them since the start of Sept, but I've been saying no. Funny that, since I was the one begging him, with no success, back in July and he kept saying no. France doesn't believe in handing out steroids straight away..they like to try enemas....and they aren't cheap! for me they really don't work...but I played along as he had me over a barrel.

I also have other reason to go back on those things....
1 - I'm going on my first trip to Paris at the start of Dec and the last thing I want to be doing is toilet hunting. I want to have fun and remember it for all the right reason! Plus I want the kids and my husband to have fun. We're doing Disneyland Paris also....and I really don't want to spoil there memory of that

2- Christmas is coming and it's the kids first cold Christmas and New Year. Again, it's memory based and I don't want UC spoiling it for them and me.

3 - I really can't be arsed with with anymore!

So, that why I'm thinking about. I'm also slightly worried about the current state of my insides as with over 5 months of a flare-up, those little ulcers must have caused some damage inside by now!

And yep, that's some negative thinking going on there..and a nice little looping pattern has formed....but I've set the D-Day date or in my case to S-Day date (S= Steroid) and we'll see what happens....

I'm still trying all my other stuff though and I'm not giving up there...but I think I need a helping hand now.


  1. I don't have an experience with steroids; thankfully I haven't had to go that route so far. I do feel like it's alright to need help sometimes. As long as you know you're doing everything you possibly can, there's no need to suffer when there is a way to feel normal again. Sometimes we can't do it on our own. Hang in there.

  2. I would suggest looking at your priorities. You have a family and life goes on. I think you are right to continue with the other stuff, but that could take a while. You need to be able to enjoy your time with your family so if in the meantime some steroids are needed so be it. I like that you set a date. You are taking control of this, not letting it control you! By the way, what part of Australia are you from? My husband lived in Sydney for a couple years.

  3. Hi Girls - yep...that's the conclusion I've come to...and with way to much coming up, I need to get myself sorted, full stop :D

    Skinny Girl..we lived in Sydney's northern beaches for 2 years before moving North to it there, though it does get a tad warm sometimes :D ... saying that though, it's starting to get cold here and I'm not used to that anymore :D ..need some heat in the old bones ... and a bit of surf :)