Saturday, October 17, 2009

yep, I'm still here

It's strange..I really have had nothing to blog about recently...and then it hit me...I've been leading a pretty normal life for the past 2 weeks! Flippin'd that happen?

Of course I've had a few evening where me and the toilet were best friends...but that was all self imposed by me...see I know I should have had that darn pizza or that tin of coke...but when the craving gets me..I have to give in....well it's not as if I can't hear Corrie or Emmerdale Farm from the bathroom if I get my husband or the kids to turn the TV up a bit while I make each mad dash :D

This week I discovered with a little variation to the rewind technique that I could make it work. I had no success at all with the cinema screen thing..but I had watched a TV program with Paul McKenna a month or so back and he talked about making the screen smaller and smaller and smaller until it disappeared. So I do the first bit with the thumb pinching and the visualisation of confidence, curiosity and humorous and then picture the thing that annoys me and make it disappear...yep..I know that sounds weird to anyone who has no idea what I'm talking about, but for those that really did work for me...I was gobsmacked. So what lead me to try this...well this week I was surfing my contacts on Linked In as I came across a name who used to work for me years back and made my life hell. Sorry, did I say work for me....stupid me...she never produced a decent piece of work and her only objective was to try and wind the rest of the team up. Personality clash is a mild statement..she hated me with a passion as I got the job she had also applied for and I was an external candidate.

Anyway, I had to put up with her for 2 long years until I eventually went on maternity leave. She was there when I came back, but luckily for me, so was 6mths pregnant when I came back so I only has to put up with her for a further 2 months. She really was a bitch from hell and I later heard when she went to a new company that someone took her to court over her behaviour and her then employee made her redundant due to the way she treated colleagues.

Anyway, I found her on linked in and was reading her summary CV, which basically was a bunch of lies as she claimed she was a PM way back when she worked for me.....mmm..not exactly true to say the least...not even close..she wasn't even a team leader, let alone a manager.

So I was letting this memory or her wind me up and I thought..lets try this one out on the rewind technique and see if I can get rid of her once and for all. I knew I had no success with the cinema visualisation and I remembered Paul McKenna's shrinking technique, so that evening before bed, I found a nice quite space and started the process. When I got up the next morning the hatred I had for that girl seemed to be bet I was...

So what now, well I don't want to go to mad and zap everything straight away just in case like the genie in the bottle, I only get 3 I'm waiting to see what effects my UC next. I'll let you know if I have any further successes. This is kind off a really big thing for me. I knew it worked for others, but I'm not sure if I totally believed it would work for me. Thanks Guy :D

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