Monday, January 18, 2010

Dentist V Colonoscopy

I'm afraid of the dentist...I was born unluckily with crappy British teeth, possibly due to the lack of fluoride in our water in NI. Though saying that, I could be dealing with other issues today if there had been fluoride in our water..who knows...

So, I'm off to the dentist on Thursday to have a filling changed as I broke the top of it off just before Christmas and have had a temp filling in place since then. The way I see it, I have 2 choices....go the the dentist twice (this week and next) for 45mins each and get it fixed properly now or chicken out and wait until the temporary one falls out and then go back. I'd love to choose my 2nd option, but how stupid would I be!! Then I started think, what would I rather do...go to the dentist or have a colonoscopy....surprisingly and weirdly enough ...I'd rather have a colonoscopy...see I told hate going to the dentist, but I'm going to go and do what I have to do (one this occasion anyway :D)

The steroids are still doing their job on the 5 month UC flare-up front and surprisingly I'm quite happy these days...stressed with French life and their bureaucracy, but otherwise happy. I'm down to 30mgs now and have I reckon about 6 weeks left on the preds before I'm back only on an maintenance drug.

We're off home to Australia in a few weeks and so far the stress of flying has not built up. I've been crap with flying ever since I had idea's totally irrational, especially since I used to love flying.

Lets see how I'm doing when I get back :D ... I'm hoping to be down to 10mgs and on the steroid free home straight again :D


  1. I don't like going to the dentist either. I actually avoided the dentist for 17 years. Lucky for me I have hard teeth. Recently I moved to a new city and had to find a new dentist. She refilled most of the fillings in my mouth. So glad that is finished. Not sure what I would choose if I had to.

    Wish I could go to Australia with you! Have a great trip.

  2. I also hate dentists, and avoid at all costs. Not only that, but I don't trust 'em. Thankfully I'm blessed with pretty strong teeth: 1 filling in 36 years! However, I'm not sure I'd prefer a colonoscopy - not after the last one... not enough sedative... too much memory...

    Rooting for you pred-wise. And jealous of your oz-trip...

  3. my first colonocopy was done with no sedative...I last for a metre and screamed at the doctor to get it out! The 2nd time they put me to sleep :D ...bliss until I woke up and shouted at them to tell me if I had you can tell I shout and scream a lot :D ...makes me feel better :D

    With dentists, as soon as I walk in the door I tell them that the scare the crap out me and I'm only there under duress ... I had major work last year...the dentist was very good, but I bet he was glad to see the back end of me... :D ... I'm not looking forward to seeing this new French dentist tomorrow at all...but there's no time back in Oz to get this work done....bugger!!!

  4. You had a colonoscopy with no sedative?!? Wow, Paula, I can't even imagine that... In fact I DON'T want to imagine that. Sorry you have to see the dentist. I hope the French dentist is good and gentle and patient. The person you see can make a big difference.