Saturday, January 21, 2012

How much would you give for a 'normal' life?

5 years into this crappy disease, I often wonder what it would be like to be 'normal' like everyone else again. But what is normal anyway and is it all really only a facade? People put on such false faces all the time and why, just to look better in front of other people or pretend they have more than they really have. What a lot of wasted effort. UC unfortunately teaches us all about humility. I don't even know how many little 'accidents' I have had in the last few years, but each time it happens in public I deal with it and clean myself up and deal with the pity others show for me. How humiliating but with it comes inner strength. So maybe I'm richer for my own type of 'normal' life but no, I wouldn't wish it anyone else.


  1. Yes, it also means you have to be very tough, resilient, and self sufficient.

    Wishing you well.


  2. Don't give up on "normal." I am on meds and finally have "normal," even if it's just for a limited amount of time. I remember being in the middle of a UC flare thinking "how can ANYONE who is in perfect health ever be unhappy or depressed or angry? They have the golden goose!" It really makes me appreciate life more. UC is certainly humbling and has made me more aware and attentive of the needs of others. Keep your inner glow, and don't give up on "normal." I truly believe that you will find it, and be able to look back and be much stronger than you were 5 years ago. Keep your chin up. :)

  3. Hi guys :D - I'm back in remission just about ...a simple change in meds did the job - lets see how long it holds for now :D - hope all is well with you both :D

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