Monday, July 12, 2010

SCD Diet stopped

Let's just say that the SCD Diet didn't work for me, and instead I developed a further allergy....that's they way it goes...can't say I'll miss it...I did have a go and maybe I'll return to a variation at a later date...but for now I am yet again back on Pred...OMG...will it ever stop :(


  1. oh no! :( sorry it didn't work out
    I hope your flare stops.

  2. Hmm. I didn't have much luck with this diet either. I wonder if anyone has done research on it and see how it measures up against scientific rigor. The book mostly has testimonials by the author and people she knows.

    I thought I did it wrong, too. I think the deal with this diet is that you HAVE to follow it exactly. No variations. The first time I did it I got bored and hungry so I cheated a lot. So, technically I wasn't even doing the diet. I'm trying it again as a last ditch effort to see if I can avoid having my colon out. I think with this disease, though, it really never ends. There really is no way to make it stop and finally get better and move on with your life -- the thing all UC patients hope for. Even the total colectomy doesn't really fix anything and bring a person any peace.

    I'm going to go to graduate school and find the cure myself, if i could just get off my bed. I hope I do.

  3. I am sorry I made it sound like there was no hope. Maybe there is hope. There has to be.

  4. @thebetafemale - I tried really hard to be strict and found out I was eating stuff I really shouldn't have, but in the end I think the almond nuts caused the further reaction and subsequent pain. I really don't know what to do anymore..I know food is causing the problem, but what one(s)....I have to eat and it takes time to heal via food, and I don't really know if I have the will power and the time, but then again, how much longer will my poor intestines hold out for...I think I also need a new maintenance drug as mine appears to have stopped doing any good at all...oh for a colon transplant :D ...actaully why can't they do that...well they can do hearts and livers etc?

  5. I totally understand where you're coming from. I am doing this diet with the expectation that it will fail. I am most likely going to end up having the big colectomy, which will suck, but then again, so does my life. LOL.

    I DID actually look into colon transplants once. Apparently it has been tried and does not work because the disease comes back in the new colon. Very interesting.

    The research I'm hoping to do at some point is to study in a lab that gets funding from NIH's Human Microbiome Project. That is the study of how microbes in our gut influence disease. It is not ruled out that this IBD insanity ISN'T an infection of some kind. It might just be complex...more than one organism...and pretty crafty ones at that. Of course, life does not wait for science. It may be 20 years or more before anybody figures this out. Sigh.

    Best of luck to you and I hope you find something to hold you over until modern medicine gets its head out of its ass. =)

  6. Paula, I'm so sorry. When I first was diagnosed with UC I tried a similar diet to the SCD that was supposed to "cure" me. While I certainly felt some improvement, my symptoms never really went away and I was extremely strict on the diet. It was too difficult for not enough results for me to continue it. Hope you find something to help. It might be a good idea to try another maintenance drug to see if that can help.

  7. Asacol is the first 5asa I tried, I did them all, now on pentasa plus salofalk enema nightly (my magic get off of preds drug). If you have pancolitis, I was told asacol releases too low down the colon to help the right side.

  8. Hi ya Skinny Girl..just read you update..glad everything went well...heading back to Oz in Feb, so will ask for a new drug then...oh well I long as my and my colon make it home next year...all will be good :D

  9. Just checking in and saying hello.

    I hope you will survive.