Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is it really working?

It's just about the end of summer and the kids will be going back to school soon...yeah says I!!! Its actually easier to go to work somedays than have to listen to kids fight and bicker some days....kids can be very frustrating some times.

Anyway, I'm down to 15mgs of Pred and its going well this time. I haven't been this low without loads of mucus and blood sightings in 2 years!!!

All I'm doing different this time is trying not to stress out along with taking magnesium, zinc, Vit B and a good probiotic. Is that my cure...who knows.

The SCD diet left me feeling really low, but in 10 weeks I've bounced back to a high that a haven't seen in years...and no it's not been caused by the pred.

I don't know if eating less refined sugar and fat is also helping as all the doctors say that food isn't the cause. My jury is still out on that as I really think it's a combination of what is happening in my mind and what I'm putting into my body.

Lets see what happens in the next few weeks .... please keep the blood and mucus away .... please let my body heal after a nightmare 18 months ......


  1. Hello

    That all sounds really good.

    Interesting, the connection you seem to be making with stress / freedom.

    I just noticed when I wrote that there is not an obvious antonym for "stress" that comes to my mind.

    So I looked it up:

    ORIGIN Middle English (denoting hardship or force exerted on a person for the purpose of compulsion): shortening of distress , or partly from Old French estresse ‘narrowness, oppression,’ based on Latin strictus ‘drawn tight’ (see strict ).

    Strangely perfect in its description.

    So glad you are feeling good

    Be stress free. (There must be a better word.)


  2. @Arkayeff - I'm not sure if freedom is the true link..I actually find it easier to work than take care of kids for 11 weeks :D 11 weeks with my kids bickering is not fun..they are good kids, but it does wear on me after a while. Stress and UC are definitely linked and I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that for me, refined sugar and alcohol are also a no-no, but some things I can eat and drink. I'm going to give it another month or so and then try a beer, but for the time being I'll have to pass on that one. In a week or so I'm also going to try a little yoga and mediation, just to see...well, you never know if you don't try...and I'm still trying to find a hypnotherapist here that speaks English...as again, I know this is all linked to the brain...but how to convince the medical profession of this I have no idea....too many would rather just stick us full of meds that cause other side effects :( .. hey how are you going these days?

  3. Hi Paula,

    That is great news! I hope you can get off of this drug.

  4. Hope time comes you don't take those drug, You can recover on it.