Sunday, January 16, 2011

2 years on

I've learnt a lot about myself in 2 years ... some of which I'll never admit to publicly neither, but at least I know. I never was able to relax here in France ... too many things where against me ... but heck I did have fun when I was on the preds.

As long as I'm safe in my house in the flare-ups times then friends were always welcome to come over. We head home for a quick "sort the house out" trip in 2 weeks and life is certainly on the up. I got a doctor here to give me all the meds I wanted. Believe me I was truly surprised...I must of had that look on my face that scares the crap out of people when I get forceful. Doctors 0 - Paula 1 on this occasion :D ...

I only came out of remission when this whole trip maybe stress is my trigger...let's see how I'm going come April when I'm home for good.

2 years is along time away from home...especially my home town of got a bit wet last week, but in true Aussie spirit, Queenslanders don't stay down for long ... I wish I was at home to help out all those poor families much loss and destruction.

Next time you are feeling down, just think to yourself, I'm still here and kicking and can do something about it.


  1. Paula,

    Sounds as if you are on the march, there is vigour in your words.

    Still alive and kicking.

    Good for you.

  2. oh there is spirit was low last year, but now I'm back fighting :D - we head home for good in April ... so light at the end of the 2 year tunnel ... :D

  3. I was so impressed by the Queenslanders! Gave me such a good feeling inside about human beings when I saw the video of hundreds of people who volunteered to help clean up. My husbands family is in Brisbane and we were so relieved to hear they were all okay.

    I hope you are doing well. I will keep repeating that I can do something about it.

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  5. Thanks for your comments and hoping you are doing OK.