Monday, December 27, 2010

Good News

Ah, maybe I will get lucky as today I had the best news and I got a working Apple Mac Pro back :D and I also got a new Ipad for Christmas as my husband felt bad for me the the really old laptop I was using.

It could be a sign that things are turning a corner for me. I'm into signs...always looking for them..good or bad :D

Christmas Day night saw a very bad case of was so awful I had forgotten the pain and the toilet running. I as up for hours. But thanks to my stash of preds, everything is again staying put and we'll see what the first real 'movement' is like maybe by tomorrow :D.

Can't say what kicked it off but it could be prawns, a tiny bit of champagne, a mince pie or some chocolate ice-cream. I had so many different things that I don't normally have now, that's it hard to tell for definite.

So I have discovered a couple of new things...I blame myself for everything that goes wrong, even if I don't cause it directly myself. So I'm going to try and work on that one. I realised today that I've been punishing myself since Oct over the broken Mac, maybe if I hadn't have done that, but I did, so there you go.

So what next for me for 2011..... well, try to be more positive and get this UC under control and get back to Oz and get a job :D


  1. That's great Paula,

    Be happy, and enjoy your mac.

    2011 will be good to you.


  2. hey Paula, I always search for the "reason" for my flares, too. While I believe that there are sometimes contributing causes, flares sometimes just happen for no particular reason. I hope you can get this flare under control soon.

  3. Paula, so sorry that your holiday wasn't the greatest. Isn't it funny how we are sometimes the hardest on ourselves? We wouldn't treat a friend the way we treat ourselves (over mistakes and whatnot). I hope this coming year is your best one ever!