Sunday, December 5, 2010

Still hanging in there :D

Hi ya, yep, I'm still here and still in a flare up and still bitching and moaning about my UC and the fact that I can't get into remission. Seriously....why can't I get into remission?

I've tried everything I can think of and sometimes I think I'm on the right road only to get bumped right back to earth again. How frustrating is this disease?

So I have a stash of preds ready and by my reckoning I can start taking them again in just over a week. There's just enough then to get me back to Australia in February where I can get some more and also have a good old chat with my doctor. Nope I tried that over here with the French doctors and basically I got kicked out the door with a prescription for 5mg Pred a day when required. Get real, but I cashed in the prescription of 30 5mg tablets anyway and added it to my next stash! It buys me an extra 3 days @ 50mg per day if needed to get the blood stopped.

So what's new with me? Well I finally got to see a Naturopath and she's got me on a few new things so we'll see how they go. If anything does seem to be working for more than a few days, then I'll document it in my next point in giving false hope. I also had a bit of a scare with my 8 year old last month as he was getting heaps of stomach pains, so of course I conclude that he has what I have. To be honest I can see him as a candidate so I'm doing my best not to let him get what I have. I'm teaching him how to handle stress now...I'm teaching him how to deal with bullies and I'm really trying to teach him of how to deal with his insecurities as I really don't want him to be like me! Turns out the poor kid got hit with quite a few viruses along with getting stressed at school, but now I know what's going on in his head, I can try and help him.

Our time in France is nearly over and although a really do breath a really big high sigh of relief, I have enjoyed living here when I’ve been on the preds and symptom free, but I will be happy to go home and speak English all the time. Living in a foreign land is hard without being fluent in their language, but I have tried and can almost crack some jokes in French, though my form of humor may be different from many others :D


  1. Soyez fort, soyez calme.

    By the way which bit of France are you in?

  2. Hi ya Arkayeff, I'm down in the South near Aix-en-Provence...lovely place to live when you aren't sick :D

  3. Near Marseilles a very interesting place.

    I hitched from Britain to Venice in 1979 via Bordeaux and the south.

    keep hanging on.

  4. Paula,
    I was beginning to worry about you! It had been so long since you posted anything. I'm glad you are okay. I'm sorry you are still in a flare up though. That is not fun... especially around the holidays. Those tend to stress people out and we both know that is not good for you. I really do hope you start feeling better. Glad you are back and are okay!!!

  5. I hope things get better soon. Fingers crossed. I am standing at the threshold myself. Haven't completely fallen through and I am hanging on by my finger nails.

    Let's ask Santa for healthy colons for all of us, ok? I think that would be brilliant!

  6. Hi Paula,

    Have a good Christmas, I'm sending you good vibes.