Friday, March 18, 2011

What a month

Nearly time to go home :D - I'm so excited :D - 1 car and 1 house gone, just one more car to go next week. In less than 15 days I'll be back home in my own house in my own little suburb and life might get back to "normal" again. Well, as "normal" is to me :D

Like I said before (many, many times) in France has had a few downs, but there has been ups along the way. If only I hadn't have had UC to deal with...but might have been a bit boring then and I might never have gotten to appreciate certain things in life.

Do you ever wonder why were were given this crappy disease to cope with? Sometimes I reckon it's to make me a better person, but bloody hell, was I really that bad a person to begin with? Jez, I'd never want to inflict this disease on anyone, no matter how much I hated them! Hate isn't probably the right term...but you know what I mean!

But, without the UC, I would never have agreed to come to France ... without the UC, I would never have met some of the lovely people that I had ... without the UC, I would never have gotten to learn to drive like this mental French people in Provence, without the UC, I would never have learn't to curse in another language and without the UC, I would never have had such much fun there in the 'good' months. So yeah, I have a lot to be grateful to UC for. I still want rid of this damn disease though!! Can someone please "beam me down" a cure please!!

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