Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Continually Scared

Why do I surf the internet to find stuff out about UC? All it ends up doing is scaring me...which in turn stresses me out...which in turn makes me think I'm going to have a full on flare-up! That's the circle that I continually find myself in. So it's time to stop it.

Yep, I'm worried about stuff, but then again, who isn't worried about stuff (big or small)...most of it I can't control and yes I do now realise that it's abnormal to get as worried as I do about stuff, but I just can't help it...who would I be if I didn't have something to worry about? Maybe a very content person...maybe a very stupid person...who knows....ignorance is bliss as they say.

So this week, after reading more stuff about UC and other people's experiences I have successfully scared myself last night over the meds I'm taking...so today, I'm going to have a big talk to myself (yep...first sign of madness) about what I'm doing to myself and somehow, I going to get myself calmed down and not going to set myself off with another UC flare-up! I know it's all controlled by my mind and what I'm thinking over a period of time.

On another personnel front..I'm worried about my boy's up coming operation....he is now 7 and has to have circumcision because of issues and infections in the last 2 years. I worry about the operation and the pain that he will have to deal with afterwards and unfortunately my boy is also a born worrier, so I've hidden facts from him. We'll deal with those later once he's in recovery. His operation is in France in 2 weeks..so yet again I deal with the language barrier..oh to go home for good....oh well, one more year in France to cope with...back to Oz in 2011


  1. Looks like we are in the same boat with worrying. I am really going to try to put my constant worrying to an end. If you find a way to do this, tell me how!

    So sorry that your son has to have an operation. It always stinks when things have to happen to children. A lot of times though I think it's rougher on the parent than it is on the patient. Good luck to both of you!

  2. yep, I'm a worry wart...I always have to have something to worry about...and I don't know how to stop this cycle....If my mind didn't wander so much I reckon meditation might work...I might try to give it a go

  3. Good for you! Wrestle that worry beast and take it down! That was one of my biggest hurdles when changing my lifestyle to adjust to living with UC. Being as stress free as possible has kept me in remission (mostly) for the past 8 years or so!

    Good luck to your little boy and his surgery. Defintitely sounds painful from this end :(

  4. It's so hard to stop worrying isn't it? I myself am a huge worrier. At least you recognize it, and are trying to find a way to manage it. I wonder if there is any coorelation to those who have UC and their levels of anxiety or worry compared to the normal public. I know UC has nothing to do with stress as far as what the disease is caused by, but it sure does trigger a flare up or make them worse. But i wondher if people who worry more get UC more commonly than those who don't?

    Anyway, just rambling. I wish you and your boy the best.