Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What exactly is a flare-up?

flare-up (flârp)
1. A sudden outbreak of flame or light: a flare-up of the embers.
2. An outburst or eruption: a flare-up of anger.
3. A recurrence or an intensification: a flare-up of rheumatism.

I've been thinking about this for a while now about what exactly a flare-up is. I wonder if the powers that be will ever include a definition of flare-up for Ulcerative Colitis suffers...mmm probably not.

Generally my flare-ups begin gradually. First I notice a few drops of blood on the tissue roll, possible it might feel itchy, but then within a week or two I get the urgency to go. For the past 3 months or so I've been getting mild stomach cramps in the lower abdomen, and visible blood and mucus in the stool. I haven't been able to get totally out of this flare-up since I dropped to 30mgs of Predisolne the first...way way back at the beginning of March. Is this normal...does anyone else suffer the same way as me....never been able to get out of a flare-up without the aid of steroids?

So I figured if steroids (or surgery) is my only way out, then I at least have to try something..hence why I started the SCD Diet. I'm just over 3 weeks into it and it's bloody hard to stick to. I haven't noticed any benefit yet, but then again, it's not a quick fix. I do wonder though how long it will take for me to see a change for the positive and a decrease in the mucus and urgency to go.

I'm trying to be realistic though...I'm coming of Predisolne even though there is mucus and blood present still. I can't live on those bloody awful little tablets for ever ... god knows what damage they have done already to my bones. As soon as I get home next year, I'm going to have to ask for a bone density test. I honestly couldn't face doing one here..it's all too hard living with this disease in a non English speaking country and that would lead me to stress. Actually, I've possible got a handle on my stress recently...I'm trying not to let things build up on me to the point where I explode.

So, back to flares...I read today that flared trouser (pants) will be back in fashion again for the 2010 Fall...OMG...I didn't wear them as a child in the 70's and I'm definitely not going to be wearing them this Autumn :)

And in case you're interested they are also saying that Metallic Dresses, Velvet Dresses, Capes and Ponchos and the Head To Toe Black Look will also be in this Autumn. At least I'll be happy to do black :)

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