Thursday, May 27, 2010

SCD Diet - Days 12-14

Day 12 - Fri
Breakfast - banana, cheddar cheese
- tuna, chicken
Dinner - fish
(sauce made with milk*, butter and honey dijon mustard*)
Dessert - strawberries, melon

Bowel Movements - 1 - Not really not sure is there was much B or not. I didn't check properly. It did feel a bit flubbery though...sorry to gross anyone out.
Meds - 4 x Salazopyrin, 10mg Prednisolne
Vitamins -
Magnesium with Folic acid and Vit D (combo 1 tablet)
Weight - 62.5 kgs(137.8lb s)
Other - No idea what is going on with the bowel movements. There is no rhyme or reason for why one day I have 4 and then the next day 1. Something that I haven't mentioned though is that I am yet again in a menstrual cycle. Not a heavy one, just a very light one that basically started a few days after I started this diet and it shouldn't have been due for another 2 weeks. No idea if it is to do with wheat, glucose or sugar withdrawal or all of the above.

Day 13 - Sat
Breakfast - Banana, 2 eggs
Lunch - Chicken, Cheddar Cheese, Coleslaw
Dinner - Mince Burgers, Broccoli, carrots, 2 eggs, cucumber, glass of dry white wine
Dessert - Melon, Strawberries

Bowel Movements - 3 - A bit of M & B visible today.
Meds - 4 x Salazopyrin, 10mg Prednisolne
Vitamins - Magnesium with Folic acid and Vit D (combo 1 tablet)
Weight -
62.4 kgs(137.6lb s)
Other - Felt a bit sick today

Day 14 - Sun
Breakfast - SCD Banana bread
Lunch - Currents
Dinner - Pork chops, boiled carrots, fried shredded carrots
Dessert - No Dessert

Bowel Movements - 5 - A fair bit of M & a bit of B visible today. Lots of gassy toilet stops today, with little substance...just mucus.
Meds - 4 x Salazopyrin, 10mg Prednisolne
Vitamins - Magnesium with Folic acid and Vit D (combo 1 tablet)
Weight -
62.4 kgs(137.6lb s)
Other - Felt a bit sick today

Thoughts / Problems on SCD diet
  • Day 12 - I have to admit that I broke the SCD diet today with piece of cake that an acquaintance brought over. I honestly can say that I didn't want to eat it, but I felt obliged. Do you know what I mean? It would have been rude not to. The 'illegal' was flour and possibly the cottage cheese. I cut myself the smallest slice possible and ate 3/4 of it, but felt really guilty while doing that, but said how nice it was. So the problem is, how do I not get myself into these situations again while I'm on this diet? In 6 months time, I'm off the opinion that if does work, that I'm going to give myself a break from the diet if we are at peoples houses, but I think it is way too soon to be doing that now. I should have been honest and said that I couldn't eat it. I'd made SCD Banana cake and it was bloody good too, but I felt the need to try her cake as she had went to that effort. I think I'm a people pleaser sometimes and I don't like to be rude. Maybe I need to just say in future. Tomorrow night I'm going out, but I plan to take all my own food with me anyhow. These are my friends though and they know the score. I'm already missing a 'farewell' night out with them at a restaurant in a couple of weeks as it's way to early to risk a full illegal meal. There are so many leaving France in the next couple of weeks to head back to their home countries that it's quite sad to say good bye anyway :(
  • I made pizza for the kids tonight and can honestly say I had no interest in it. Now saying that though, when they had ice-cream for dessert, I had to walk away. Now that was a killer. I went and got strawberries and melon instead. Not quite the same without ice cream though.
  • I seem to put myself through hell everyday when I look in our fridge. There's chocolate and proper jam and sweets that the kids have bought. OMG, it's killing me, but I need to see if this bloody diet will "Step away from the fridge"
  • While the kids were at school today I did Wii Fit for 1 hr on Day 12. I really haven't done anything much in the last 2 years. I wonder how long the fitness 'thing' will last. The last time I was really really fit and toned was just before I got UC. I used to train 4 nights a week for 80 mins. I was obsessed with it. It used to play on my mind that I stressed my body so much that I got UC...but who knows..I was probably going to get it one way or the other anyway. No point in saying, if only....if is such a small word that can cause all sorts of guilt.
  • On Day 13 I went to the party and felt slight out of sorts as I couldn't eat most of the food they put on the table. I'd taken my own little container of things and a fruit salad dessert to share. To be honest, since I've been on this diet I've felt out of sorts some days, but then again, ever since I got UC I've had plenty of "out of sorts" days. Will life ever get back to normal?
  • On Day 14 I noticed that carbonated water was giving me gas. I drunk a fair bit of it last night, but it was only this evening, that I clicked onto the fact that it was making me go to the bathroom.


  1. Sounds like a wobbly time. I found that once I stopped doing dairy (except cheeses), it was really tough to deal with people if they had no idea why I stopped. I can't imagine what I'd do with such huge limits as the SCD diet, but it really helped me A LOT to let friends and family know what was going on; I even gave them the link to my blog. I also found it helpful to go online and check out restaurant menus before I went out so I could be prepared for what alternative options were available for me. If there was nothing, I'd eat before I went out and just have tea or something. I know it's not always possible, but when I knew what I was up against, it really gave me a little peace of mind. Keep kicking butt, Rome wasn't built in a day.

  2. Welcome to SCD! I don't know if you have seen this, but this stage list was/is really helpful for when you are on the diet.

    And for social situations, I usually just tell people I'm allergic. It serves two purposes: 1. People listen. Allergic = Important, Must pay attention. 2. I'm not rude :D

  3. @WW - I'm keeping on in there :D

    @Cheers SCDer, I had a look at that link..very useful