Sunday, May 30, 2010

SCD Diet - Days 15-16

Day 15 - Mon
Breakfast - SCD banana bread
- Banana, cheddar cheese
Dinner - Mince Meat Bolognese, Maize Pasta* (I've since found out that Maize is corn and is illegal. I didn't particularly like it anyway, so I'd rather go without)
Dessert - strawberries, melon

Bowel Movements - 3 - A bit of M and a bit of B.
Meds - 4 x Salazopyrin, 10mg Prednisolne
Vitamins -
Magnesium with Folic acid and Vit D (combo 1 tablet), Pred Enema
Weight - 62.5 kgs(137.8lb s)
Other - After all the gas yesterday, everything seems to have calmed down a bit now in that department.
I'm not going to try carbonated water for at least another week now and then we'll see if the same thing happens.
I am going to use a pred enema for the next week or so as I think the mucus is building now that the pred tablets are dropping. It's hard to really tell, but I'm not taking the risk and ending up in the same state as last summer.

Day 16 - Tue
Breakfast - SCD Banana Bread
Lunch - Chicken, Cheddar Cheese
Dinner - Omelette (3 peppers Green, Red & yellow, tuna and cheddar cheese)
Dessert - Melon, Strawberries
, kiwi Fruit, Pears, 1/2 SCD Raspberry Muffin

Bowel Movements - 3 - A bit of M, but it does appear to be decreasing and no B visible today as far as I could see.
Meds - 4 x Salazopyrin, 10mg Prednisolne, pred enema
Vitamins - Magnesium with Folic acid and Vit D (combo 1 tablet),
Pred Enema
Weight - 62.1 kgs(136.6lb s)
Other - Feeling normal-ish today. Still a little bit out of sorts, but definitely not as bad as over the weekend.

Thoughts / Problems on SCD diet
  • Day 15 - Seriously over this diet, I can see why people quit. I'm going to try and hang on in there though. I really don't want to give up yet. I'd hate to look back and realise this was my last hope and I failed myself.
  • A fellow SCDer send me a link today and from it I found out that when you start this diet there could be some Temporary Initial Symptoms. Last week I developed a rash, which I originally put down as pollen or heat related. But, as the days have went by, I now realise it might have something to do with the SCD diet. Hopefully it will be gone within the next week or two.
  • Decreasing the preds to 5 mg on Wed for 5 more days. One thing I can say, is that I didn't get this far last time without a heap more blood and mucus, but this time I'm also using an enema when things look like going the wrong way. Time will tell.
  • For anyone thinking about doing this diet, I'd really recommend clearing out all the 'illegal' stuff from your fridge and cupboards. I can't do this at the moment as I'm the only one on the diet in this house and I'd prefer to allow the kids threats still even if I can't eat them anymore.
  • Day 16 - I seem to swing back and forwards on this was manageable. That doesn't mean to say I didn't have a bit of a wobble....but I wobbled myself away from the wheat and sugar temptations.


  1. lol, wobbling away from things is good.

  2. I feel like this often with SCD. Bored shitless...I try to do a new recipe for sweets once a week...recently SCD Shortbread has healed my boredom. 2 cups almond flour, 6Tbsp of melt butter, 2.5 tbsp of honey, mix put in 9in round pan and bake at 350 for 15-20 mins. It's easy and taste so good. I never have to worry about what to add to it or what fruit I have around the house. And it's great with tea.

  3. Not to be pessimistic, but Elaine says if you aren't following the diet with fanatical adherence, you aren't doing the diet. Technically, each cheat/mistake puts you back to day 1. :(

    That said, that's what makes the diet so hard. You have to go so slow and it's so easy to make mistakes.