Monday, May 17, 2010

Washing Powder - Spanish style - oh if only

On a recent holiday, I came across this washing powder...ahhhh, if only life was so simple and we could wash away the UC ...

In saying that though, I have started to make a change with my diet ...I'm going to attempt to do a full month on the SCD diet and see what happens. Now, this has actually taken me a whole year to reach this point as when I first bought the book entitled "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" I took one look at it at went..NO WAY! TOO HARD.

Basically it's a book that deals with what might cause us to have such a crappy disease - Intestinal Health through Diet - but with everything else not working, well what the hell says I....I can give it a months go and see what will only cost me time preparing stuff from scratch, but who is to know, this might finally sort me out. Some serious alarm bells went off in my head while reading this again and what we though was good for us, could actually be part of the problem...bang goes potatoes, bread, rice, ice-cream and chocolate(along with loads of other things...bugger and I love them....oh, but in comes dry wine and other things that I'm sure I can survive on. The down side is that if I do see results within the first month, then I really will have to commit to this diet for 2 years to get finally get rid of UC and off all the drugs. I'm still going to use the hypnotherapy as I do believe it has helped me in many way, but unfortunately for me, it couldn't make the UC go away.

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  1. Go for it Paula, and I hope it works.

    Enjoy the dry wine, and love life.