Friday, May 21, 2010

SCD Diet - Days 6-7

Day 6 - Sat
Breakfast - Banana, boiled egg, SCD raisin muffin
- Prawns, chicken, Cheddar Cheese, 2 SCD muffins
Dinner - Salmon, Carrots, Cauliflower, Broccoli
Dessert - Fruit Salad - Pear, Melon, Kiwi fruit, Mango, Strawberries

Bowel Movements - 3 - 1st M, 2nd M & a bit of B and an urgency to go on the second one. I might have eaten something the day before that disagreed...I'm not sure, 3rd A bit of B
Meds - 4 x Salazopyrin, 15mg Prednisolne
Vitamins - Magnesium with Folic acid and Vit D (combo 1 tablet)
Weight - 62.4 kgs(137.6lb s)
Other - Woke up this morning with just the usual few stomach pains.

Day 7 - Sun
Breakfast - Banana
Lunch - Mince Meat & Onion Burgers, Cheddar Cheese, Salad Leaves, Slice of SCD Cheese bread
Dinner - 2 Raisin muffins with butter
Dessert - Fruit Salad - Pear, Kiwi fruit, Pineapple, Strawberries

Bowel Movements - 4 - More M visible today, but no sign of B. Not sure what is causing me to go to the bathroom today after meals. We'll see how tomorrow goes.
Meds - 4 x Salazopyrin, 15mg Prednisolne
Vitamins - Magnesium with Folic acid and Vit D (combo 1 tablet)
Weight -
62.4 kgs(137.6lb s)
Other - Woke up this morning with very few stomach pains.
I ate salmon yesterday and although it tasted OK, I have had problems with that in the past.

Thoughts / Problems on SCD diet
  • I'm thinking today that I probably shouldn't be eating salad leaves just yet, but as I'm only have a few, I think I might be OK
  • It's actually pretty easy to make the SCD bread and muffins. I'm wondering if I should invest in a yogurt marker...might have to leave that until the end of the 30 day trial.
  • I tried to make Cauliflower "potatoes" as per the SCD receipt...let's just say it turned out like mush as I stuck it in the did taste OK though
  • I was slightly pissed off and alarmed on Saturday at having such an urgency to run to the loo, but it could also be part of the 'cleaning' out. The rest of the day went fine though. I really didn't think about the toilet today when we were out and about up at the Fontaine-de-Vaucluse. We'd never been there before and that is one cool place.
  • It was my husband birthday today and I made a proper chocolate cake for them. I can't deny that I was dying for a bit, but as having only been 7 days on this diet, it's way to early to cheat, even with a little bit.
  • Still too early to say whether this diet is having any affect.


  1. Hi Paula- I'm also new to SCD and like reading your blog. It doesn't sound like you started with the Intro Diet. Is that true? I did the intro diet for five days during a bad flare and it stopped the urgency and D. I'm now almost three months in and feeling better than I ever since being diagnosed more than five years ago (except I felt great when I was prego too).

    I agree with Cauliflower potatoes. I have found them to be better with the butter option and to not over cook them before putting them in the blender. I'm still determined to get the consistancy a bit better though.

    Cake is hard to pass up when it's in your face! I had the same feelings when the family had all kinds of treats out for Mother's day. What I learned: always bring carrot cake or banana cake (so far my two favs) with me to eat.

    I love the yogurt maker and feel like the yogurt is the most beneficial food in the diet for me. I make sure I eat at least one cup every day.

    Good luck to you on your new food journey!

  2. Hi ya Cindy, great to hear your doing well on the SCD Diet. What made you start it? I didn't start with the intro diet as although I'm still in a flare up, it's pretty mild so I had no need to settle my stomach down first. However, in saying that for a couple of days before I properly started the diet, I did only have eggs and bananas and started to cut down on bread and exclude refined sugar. I think I'm going to have a go today at making another type of bread...I've found another SCD Diet web site so I'll post a link to that in my next blog. It's all a new learning experience for me and I hope I last the distance. If this sorts me out, I'll be so happy as the meds seem to be failing me now.

  3. Hi Paula- I started the diet after I had my first child this past summer. Why then? because I was completely symptom free during the pregnacy. That was the first time I was completely symptom free in all the seven years since diagnosed. When my uc started back up two weeks after he was born, I had it! I realized how hard it was going to be taking care of him the way I wanted to and be sick all the time. So after getting a booklet from my Doc that mentioned FODMAPS (a diet to relieve symptoms) I started doing research and came across scd. It seemed like the best choice for me to get me off the meds. My son really gave me the strength and determination to start and now how I feel is giving me the strength to stick to it.