Friday, September 11, 2009

So this is me

2 years ago when my Ulcerative Colitis first started I was unable to find anything on the interent and I lived in denial for a year until I was diagnosed .

So I’m not going accept that I have to live with this forever and it is going to go away...I know it is now...between a couple of blogs I have been reading in the last 4 days, I now have more answers in the last week than I’ve gotten in the last year...I’m not going to be stupid though and come off the maintenance drug right now...but I’m going to also do the positive thinking and get as much acid out of my body as possible as I really do believe that was the start of my issues. I honestly believe now that if I can control my mind to stop thinking in these negative patterns that somehow my UC will stop. I’ve listen to Guys Cohen's recording twice now...not every day... and to be honest I can see a bit of a difference already. I’m going to try and find an English speaking Reiki Master here in France and look into some yoga as I think these are the tools for me going forward now. I can’t say that I won’t be negative again as with 2 little kids and a long way from home and friends, well the world sometimes does get on top and I feel I have a huge weight to deal with. But time to get out there and enjoy my time here, 6mths have passed already in a negative state with UC keeping me house bound through most of the summer when really I should have been having fun with my kids and was those darn negative thoughts again, but I say bullocks to them..time to move forward before I really screw myself up.


  1. Hi there! As a mother myself I know that having UC and being a mother presents some extra challenges. Time to move forward--I like that. Time for me to move forward to! Let's beat this!

  2. Hi Skinny Girl..oh the challenges and then the guilt when you can't take your kids kids are really good even though they are only just 7 & 8 now. I haven't hid anything from them about this disease even when I'm caught short. They know the drill..when I say I need to go to the toilet..we drop everything and head off. They have been so good through this summer when we haven't been able to go out to the beach or park..they haven't complained once. They are the ones that keep me going :D ..and this week really has been great, this UC flare up is starting to go without the use of steriods..I'm gobbed smacked...I never thought that a week ago I'd been where I am now..I'm hoping by next Friday that's it's all gone. I've not only turned a corner, I've done a complete U-turn :D ...BTW love you blog ...