Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doctor Issues

I'm really struggling with doctors at the moment and how they treat us. My biggest issue is that I really don't have any faith or trust in what is being prescribed. The French doctor that I'm dealing with had just given me a prescription for a maintenance drug and if I do what he says, then I'll be taking an extra 1000mg a day of the drug than what I have previously taken...that's a 50% increase in meds. Firstly I'm concerned that he didn't ask me what does level I was on now and secondly, he's not even checking me anymore. These doctors are just prescribing willy nilly. Is it any wonder people aren't getting any better and are becoming more and more dependant on drugs.

So no I'm not going to take his recommended dose. I'm going to stay on what I'm on the level I'm at now. I've got 4 more months before I can get back to Oz and get all the drugs and advise I need to get me through a further year here. Though if I can get some benefit from the rewind technique, then I might now have to bother with this French doctor anymore anyway....problem solved.

The things that scares me the most is that doctors are supposed to be smart people, but recently I'm seriously having to question their actions.

Apart from that, I'm still going well in the positive direction. I'm having a little issue with the rewind technique as I'm stuck at trying to find the 3 things that you need to think about before you get started. That's a bit of a bugger as it made me realise what a shit of a life I have been leading. I know I have good things going all around me, but it's a bit of a blow to realise where you have ended up with this UC disease...but it could be worse.........


  1. Oh goodness. Those drs. would scare the hell out of me too! For a while I was seeing my old docs PA, just an assistant really. I say old doc because I got tired of him saying "I don't know let me ask dr so and so and get back to you"

  2. that's that legal anyway?

  3. Unfortunately yes. Do they have Physicians Assistants in France? It's a big in the U.S. for busy drs. The worst part is you are paying an astronomical fee to see the dr, and aren't even seeing the dr!

  4. Hi Hillary - Not as far as I know and Australia definately doesn't have idea about the UK though.