Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baked Beans

You'd think I'd really know better than to eat baked beans while having a little flare-up!

But heck, that's what I found myself doing today. I really couldn't help it, (well I could if I'd tried), but I was cooking Richmond sausages and the smell, well the smell just got me and I went mad and through in the lot for good old-fashioned 'fry-up'.... sausages, bacon, eggs, good old baked beans and toast.

Of course I'm suffering now...but was it really was worth it....hopefully everything will have calmed down by tomorrow :D


  1. Uh-oh. Sometimes the temptation just carries us away. I've always got plenty of time on the toilet to think about what i've done though...haha

  2. did I this time...I really have to remember NOT to do that least until I'm well clear of this flare-up

  3. I remember once thinking flax seed tortilla chips with a black bean dip was a good idea during a UC flare up and later getting about 1 hour of sleep that night. Thank god I no longer have that disease ridden colon! It gave me nothing but grief for six years.